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Welcome to 1st grade!

Hello Parents and Guardians,

My name is Rebecca (Becky) Moss. I have been in education for 18 years. I have my BA in Elementary Education from Trinity Christian College.  I was a preschool teacher/director for 10 plus years. I have taught at Parkview Christian Preschool for 5 years, the 4 years ago came to St. Chris to teach....... yap you guessed it preschool!!  The last 3 years I have been a paraprofessional in Frankfort District 157c. And now I'm BACK to teach first grade at this amazing school. 

Rules in my classroom

Raise your hand to speak

Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Follow Directions

Be kind to one another 

Have fun learning

Class Documents

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Last modified: 09-28-2022